Teaspoon of chance. Tablespoon of fear. A 1/2 of a cup of encouragement. Pinch of failure. Sieve thoroughly and let the mixture rest. Set the oven and bake your adventure! This is how this blog came about. From an uncompleted adventure, which nevertheless was a spark of fire, inspiring me to test new things.

This time, my teaspoon of chance was a visit to a friends home. Catching up on life, she mentioned a Fjällraven Polar -a 300km dog sledge expedition in the arctic wilderness. The expedition is organized by a Swedish company, Fjällraven, and participants win their spots by either popular vote or jury selection. Immediately, entered a constant state of dreaming about the snow.


But my adventure dessert was not ready for the oven until I got my first 1/4 cup of a encouragement. Sharing my dream of huskies and snow wilderness with a friend and collegue, Jen Dykxhoorn, she reinforced it and offered help with making my application.

And this is when my tablespoon of fear hit me. Why would people support this? There are so many things going on in the world – Syria, global warming, health problems. How will people not think this is selfish and silly! I was afraid of judgement, of putting myself there., of uploading a video, which felt like public nakedness.

But second 1/4 cup of encouragement was in my kitchen cabinet of friends and colleagues. Within two weeks, I filmed, cut and uploaded my first ever video and felt proud! For the next month, more encouragement in form of 1083 votes worked as the baking soda and made my adventure spirit rise within me. My dreaming continued and I took off and travelled beyond the Polar Circle for the first time in my life, to visit Kiruna and run in a deep snow with a borrowed dog.

img_7033But baking is art and science of mixing the right ingredients. My pinch of failure was missing. It came on December 20th. Instead of victorious happiness over receiving a spot, a sadness creeped in when I did not win.

With new supply of ingredients and after a bit of rest of the dough, my cake was ready to be baked! It was a different cake than what I expected – my first winter camping trip in the Swedish wilderness. Instead of being pulled by dogs through the Arctic wilderness, I will propel myself through the snow on cross country skies.

There is still a pinch of fear in me, wondering how will this test my limits and strength. If I will fail in some way. But I also know that failing, and fear are just ingredients like any other and that I have enough encouragement around me to let me dream and dare to keep on baking the next chocolate-cake adventure!