About me

My name is Nika (Dominika) Seblova. I am a orange color lover, who travels the world and who engages in analyzing public health data for living and life for understanding.

I have always loved words, spent childhoold reading while walking (my dog). I searched to understand the stories, worlds and meaning we create by studying Anthropology.

However, my recent love affair is numbers (and science). Pursuing a PhD in Public Health/Epidemiology I spent everyday with analyzing data to understand social inequalities in health.

For many years, I felt divided between the different pursuits – writing a bit at the Karolinska Institutets blog, studying statistics in PhD, sharing life analyses on Instagram. With start of 2017 I decided it is time for unity. 2017 is a prime number, time to stop dividing.

On this blog you will find my reflection on public health, science and science communication under Analyzing data. Analyzing everyday present reflections on our contemporary world. Orange adventures presents my other adventures in the world – travels, pictures, sport challenges.

If you want to find out more about me here are my other profiles: