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The longer I do PhD, or sometimes more like crawl through, the more aware I am of the incredible people, who pick me up every time I slip and shove me forward on my crawl. This autumn I had a chance to be on the other side and mentor two high-school students. Read more about that experience, communicating science and watch a video from the two week project in a blog originally published at the Karolinska Institutet Researchers Blog.

Karolinska Institutet Career Blog

Image credit: Takashi Hososhima (flickr)

(In collaboration with Nika Seblova)

I was standing in front of a roomful of high school students, a screenshot of a certain popular bird-slinging game on my slide. I had five minutes to convey my research and entice them to the Dark Side make them interested in my work and work with me for two weeks. My main pitch was that the certain popular bird-slinging game makes use of the laws of physics to model their fury-fuelled fowl projectile. My group deals with modelling of molecules, which are several order of magnitudes lower in size but Newton’s law of motion applies all the same. Five minutes was up, and then the next mentor went up. Ugh, I missed saying something on that previous point. Maybe that fowl joke was foul?What if no students found the project interesting? We would only…

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